About Us

Wholesale trading in second-hand clothes.
Customer confidence earned by responsibility and professionalism.

UAB Ramsiga was founded in 2008. Main activity – wholesale of second-hand clothes and footwear . Ramūnas and Sigita Černiauskai’s dream” Ramsiga “, born in 2008, continues. It has grown to 100,000 tons in 10 years. annual turnover of goods and several dozen new jobs, a professional team motivated for the result was gathered. The first business contacts abroad have long been transformed into reliable cooperation with well-known suppliers of used clothing in Western Europe, guaranteeing a highly elevated product quality cartel. A decade of purposeful and creative activities of the company, taking care of the needs of customers and employees, production organization, logistics and other processes, has borne fruit – matured the name of a professional and responsible company, earned the trust of customers.

Achievements within the decade of activity:

Sorting process – a priority for good quality.

We are creative, flexible, and operative. We execute clients’ orders on time and appropriately.

Over a decade, we have assembled a staff whose practical skills and competence allow us to properly assess quality and create a variety of products that appeal to customers. We execute customer orders creatively, flexibly and efficiently. We guarantee compliance with the established quality requirements. We manage our own brand, well known in the market as Hangers. We invest in increasing its value by promoting both the brand and the company’s name, and we strive to expand the geography of sales markets.

We sort:


We will answer all your questions, advise you on the choice of merchandise or business development, we will take care of the merchandise supply or we will help to load the merchandise.

Why choose us?

Heads of the company actively communicate with the suppliers of merchandise, analyse the supply, follow fashion trends, and fearlessly look for new markets and sales opportunities. They improve the company’s processes of production, logistics, etc. They’re constantly learning and sharing information. Managers of the sales chain are more concerned with the client communication; they systematically inform them on new merchandise shipments, solve problems together, and help to find the best merchandise positions for their regions.

“Maintenance of achieved merchandise quality level is one of our most important goals. We endeavor to keep our clients satisfied and happy so that they could successfully sell our merchandise and continue expanding their activity. Every week we bring various new merchandise. We apply the sales promotion measures. We motivate loyal clients and we devotedly work towards their success and stable growth of their business. This is also the way we were growing”