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Apie mus Ramsiga

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Wholesale of new clothes, second-hand experience, quality goods, business advice.

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Professional sorting team

Sorting of new and second-hand clothes.


New and second-hand clothing, footwear, jewelry, toys, household goods, antiques, and other categories of goods.

second-hand clothing and footwear

Abundant second – hand clothes, shoes and
range of handbags.

New clothes and shoes

Various new (“Stock”) clothes for women, men, children.

Antiques-Bric a brac from UK

Costume jewelry, toys and all sorts of little things.

Latest products

Catalog of new and used clothes, footwear, other goods.


Catalog of new and used clothes, footwear, other goods.

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Order goods online or by phone and receive goods with home delivery.





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Looking for used or new clothes? Antiques, costume jewelry or footwear?

We will find the best solution for you.

We will answer your questions immediately.


Your opinion is very important to us for the improvement of goods and services

Please evaluate the work of UAB Ramsiga.

Our team

Professional managers will answer all your questions.


Ramūnas Černiauskas

Wholesale trade. Lithuanian, Latvian, Eastern European markets.

Justas Palionis

Marketing manager

Justinas Palionis

Sales in the Lithuanian market. E- commerce, marketing solutions.

Sales manager

Ramutė Gurskienė

Sales to Lithuanian, Latvian, Eastern European markets.

Accounting Manager

Živilė Navickienė

Bookkeeping, invoicing.


Egidijus Balnas

Sales to the Lithuanian market.



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Frequently Asked Questions

The most popular packages weigh 25 kg

We work from Monday till Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

New merchandise shipment arrives every week.

Based on the quality, second-hand clothes is usually sorted into four categories. The highest quality clothes without any defects belongs to the “Cream” category. “Extra” category is for good quality clothes that are slightly worn, but have no defects and stains. Category I clothes are moderately worn, but they are neat and have no “insuperable” stains or “irremediable” defects – if you put some effort into them, you will be able to enjoy their functionality and good quality. The lowest quality clothes are in Category II. Here you may find clothes that have been worn to a more significant degree; small defects (tears or stains).
Sorted clothes are further distributed in various “mixes”: by season (summer, winter clothes), by their purpose (women, men, etc. clothes), or by separate types (one type of dresses, one type of sweaters, etc.), etc.
In accordance to the demand, new merchandise, new “mixes” are created.
Packaged merchandise of varying weights (from 5 to 50 kg) is presented to the clients in marked packaging.